Thursday, January 18, 2007

Moving to a new place

I've finally managed to move from the university dorm to a new place. Living at the dorm had become more and more restraining and my budget allows me now for something better.
Who'll be able to find out the address (it's not that difficult ;))?


Anonymous said...

I am gonna go and guess - It has to be a part of Prague that has view on Novodvorska Tesco, part of the Jizni spojka but not the Branik nor Sporilov. Than it has to be a Krc. And I am going to bet it is Zeleny Pruh. And you address is Tocita street! Am I right?

tPaK said...

Perfect guess. You could get to the same guess by visiting the photo's page on Flickr and clicking on the map though ;)